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Crow Silhouette by Moonlight

Sacred Crow Healing

Cranial Relaxation & Reiki Healing

Jasmine Bakhaus

I come from a long line of healers and teachers, from my Great-Great-Great Grandmother Anna Caroline Lowerance Denton late in the 1800s (a Local Healer who wasn’t a doctor but “had a way with the sick”) to my Grandmother Edith Denton, who was a school teacher and would travel from Flagstaff to Tucson depending on who needed her services. One of the biggest influences for me in natural healing is my Aunt Peggy Denton who is a Local Homeopath, cell salt/face analysis practitioner and formerly a La Leche Leader.

I worked in the Conventional Medial field, specifically Mental Health as a CNA for 14years. I witnessed first-hand how the medical field disconnects the mind, body, and especially the spirit. This causes perpetual stress in the nervous system; a constant state of fight or flight.


I started looking into non-invasive healing practices. My experience in Mental Health showed me that while individuals who had suffered trauma may not be comfortable being touched, they still desire to be helped. Some feel that massage is too invasive. I started looking into different healing modalities before I found Quantum Touch, Reiki, and Cranial Sacral Therapy/ Cranial Relaxation. These are all non-invasive, light-touch therapies.

I use all 3 modalities to help bring the individual out of the Sympathetic Nervous system (fight or flight) and into the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and relaxation). When the body is in a Parasympathetic state (rest and relaxation), stress and tension release from the body, allowing the use of light touch to help release pressure/tension within the mind and body. This leaves you in a state of relaxation bliss...

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