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Crow Silhouette by Moonlight

Sacred Crow Healing

Cranial Relaxation & Reiki Healing

Jasmine Bakhaus

Sacred Crow Healing 


Cranial Sacral Relaxation 

A gentle therapeutic touch applied to specific points along the spine, head and neck helping to relieve tension, discomfort, restrictions, and stress from the central nervous system. Helping with whole body health. 


 “Universal Life Force” 

This ancient gentle healing modality can help to facilitate deep relaxation to help relieve stress, tension, and pain by stimulating the body's innate intelligence.


I use both modalities to help bring the nervous system out of fight-or-flight and into rest-and-relaxation. In relaxation I better assist the body and its innate intelligence to relieve tension, stress, discomfort etc. for full body relief. 

I offer one FREE 15min session to all new clients Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.
If you schedule a full session after, you’ll receive 15% off your 1st full session.


Call or Text 928-301-1330  

Or schedule at 

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